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We are profiled as a (naturally) equity compliant law firm ( AAA 1 BEE rating) with a flawless reputation for our integrity and professionalism with a fixation with excellence… –  Madiba’s message is permeated with the obligation to be excellent.

It is the sharpest way to shift mind-sets and to transform societies…

We have had notable success and high performance results for client in the recent past. Our resounding – perhaps even unprecedented – success with the complex High Court Litigation matter in 2014 (see comment attached from Snr. Counsel L Broster)... you will note that we secured judgement on every aspect of our PRAYER  with costs in the High Court, Supreme Court of Appeal and….. even the Constitutional Court…!

I first encountered Maynard Menon Govender Incorporated when, in December 2011 they briefed me in a High Court trial.  The matter was one of some considerable complexity involving a series of novel defences arising from the bank’s standard form documents.

In order to prepare for the trial the attorneys involved were required to manage the discovery process and, in general, to bring order into enormous number of documents which inevitably come before the court in a trial of this nature. 

The matter was completed in September 2013 and over the period in which the case was prepared I got to know both Mr Govender and Mr Pillay very well.

From my point of view, I was briefed timeously and each brief contained the documents necessary to deal with the questions raised as the preparation progressed.  Discovery was completed by April 2012 and a Rule 37 conference was held in May 2013 more than four months before the trial commenced.  Bundles of documents were prepared by Mr Pillay well in advance of the trial and the bundles were properly paginated.  Witnesses were interviewed more than a month before the trial commenced and by two weeks before the trial the preparation was entirely complete.  From my perspective this is indeed a rare event in my practise.

The trial proceeded for five days and throughout the trial I received enormous assistance from Mr Govender and Mr Pillay, they were involved in every tactical decision made in the conduct of the matter and their advice was both sensible and helpful.

The fact that the Bank succeeded in the matter was largely due to their prodigious efforts.






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