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  • We have a broad range of expertise in the area of Commercial Law – business law contracts is a particular area of our expertise. …….With access to the sophisticated LexisNexis software.
  • In our many years of practice we have attended to and provided advice on a variety of sophisticated commercial / business law contracts. One of our Directors is also a Commerce graduate with and Economics major – academic qualification in the area of Commerce is no doubt invaluable in understanding the commercial subject matter of commercial agreements.
  • Our expertise is capable of being swelled – at a moment’s notice – with the rich array of consultants and other expertise we are able to incorporate into a project as the need arises. The example of Advocate Guy Thomas is an example in point. He is a highly regarded ex-senior Magistrate now in practice at the side – bar. His broad range of contract litigation experience has again proved to be extremely valuable in providing advice and/or construction of a commercial contract.
  • One of our primary practice principles is to focus on nurturing a long – term relationship rather than running up bills. When we were appointed to the Ithala Panel many years ago our first response was to thoroughly investigate systemic problems in their contractual agreements that was generating a huge amount of adverse litigation. We reconstructed their contracts to close the gaps and earn as you would imagine serious brownie points with the client as none of their law firms we understand had taken this attitude at any prior stage.
  • We recently attended to a billion rand contract for a huge corporate. This required direct collaboration with sophisticated corporate lawyers in the United States – we enjoyed an exceptionally respected relationship and concluded the contract to the exceptional satisfaction of client.


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