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  • The very powerful ABRIPSA (Association of Black Business Rescue and Insolvency Practitioners) manages the empowerment space nationally, you will note the one of our Directors (Maynard Govender) is the current Regional chairman of ABRIPSA.
  • Sophisticated expertise in this area is of course critical to managing client’s interests.
  • The department handles all aspects of liquidation, insolvency and restructuring matters.
  • Speed is of the essence in insolvency, but it is equally important to ensure the integrity of the processes followed in order to achieve the optimal balance, we place emphasis on extracting the maximum benefit for creditors during the process.
  • We recently appointed Trishka Pillay an “expert” liquidations and Insolvency PA with over 20 years of solid and sophisticated expertise.
  • We have no doubt that she will play a pivotal role in dealing with the modus operandi of recalcitrant debtors in order to optimize the interests of your bank.


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