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  • This is a specialist area of interest of our practice. You will note that our Maynard Govender is a currently serving Level A part time labour commissioner of the CCMA and several Bargaining Councils.
  • Over the course of many years we have comprehensive expertise with disciplinary enquiries, conciliations, and arbitrations – we will efficiently either settle or litigate to your considered advantage.
  • Our vast experience leaves us eminently positioned to provide advice and opinions informed by the wealth of our practical expertise. These opinions – always driven by our objective to nurture a relationship (rather than to simply optimize profit) – will no doubt prove valuable in determining the prospective merits of disciplinary or other action.
  • We believe that we can be extremely valuable to client in optimising the integrity of your labour environment. Of practical use too is the very good rapport with which we are able to engage senior practitioners in the labour trade, unions etc.
  • We also firmly believe that our expertise in this area provides a wonderful opportunity for empowering your personnel in the HR and other related departments to seriously upgrade their relative skill base as ‘labour practitioners.’


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