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We have a specialist interest in commercial property law. With top shelf personnel supported by ‘cutting edge ‘ technical resources and solid practice management we believe that we have produced a practice that has evolved to meet – and regularly exceed – the exacting standards of a select client base within an equity compliant environment. We are really serious about our commitment to excellence…as an example in point we received one of our major banks’ most prestigious - and sought after - awards for 2012! We were voted one of their top 3 property law attorneys … to do so we achieved an annual performance score in the 98 per centile.

The SA Home Loans Panel is an example in point of a sophisticated panel on which we enjoy pride of place with only approx.24 law firms in the country. We were the first firm of colour to be appointed to their panel. Their efficiencies are clinically document driven... achieving a 100% score is considered to be very difficult. Well... in the last 28 monthly assessment scores we have achieved 100%… 28 times! Excellence is our commitment but perfection is really our goal.

It is common place for this office to be trusted to attend to instructions of substantial quantitative value. Recently, for instance, we finalized a (R40 million) commercial bond instruction to the complete satisfaction of client – a bank... The senior manager of said client incidentally entrusted this office thereafter with his personal commercial bond instruction as an emphatic endorsement of our process. Commercial instructions are sophisticated with serious consequences... and demand sophisticated experience and expertise.

  • Our sophisticated team is directly managed by our senior conveyancer and director
  • Our method… fast and efficient with a warm and engaging manner.
  • We Use of the best computer software and hardware available.
  • Our reporting to you … timeous and instantly available
  • Client has direct access to the personal email and cell number of the directors of the practice.
  • Client convenience orientated process... we take docs to client and work around the demands and work schedule of a typical commercial bond applicant..
  • timeous sms or email progress updates to all the role players in the transaction – nothing like a bit a timely information to avoid unnecessary anxiety.
  • Our Pmb agents are Austen Smith – our lodging instructions are personally overseen by a senior attorney who matches our personal ‘hands on’ approach.
  • Speedy delivery of physical documents to the Deeds office in Pmb.. docex, courier or personal delivery


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Where We Are

Suite 101 Umdoni Centre,
28 Crompton Street, Pinetown, 3610
(Head Office)
Tel: (031) – 701 7475
Fax: (031) – 702 6026
Email: info@mmglaw.co.za
Docex 8, Pinetown

The Business Centre,
2 Ncondo Place, Ridge Side,
(Branch Office)
Tel: (031) – 819 7777
Fax: (031) – 571 0760