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With a foundation of integrity through our unshakable guiding-principles, we are relentlessly committed to the pursuit of justice through innovative, experience-based solutions for our clients. With offices in Westville, Umhlanga, Pinetown, Pietermaritzburg, Johannesburg and Cape Town; we provide expert legal services to a broad diversity of clients.

As a company firmly committed to a complete redefinition of the large law firm space; Maynard Menon Govender Singh Incorporated, comprises a comprehensive suite of full-time attorneys and conveyances, as well as several specialist consultants. Our staff complement is diverse, dynamic and fully representative of South African society. We pride ourselves as a pre-eminent, ground-up and re-defined legal team, seeded and strengthened in the fertile and constitutionally compliant post-1994 ground.


We’re committed to purist egalitarianism, with solid principles that are never subservient to the relentless and often ruthless pursuit of profit.

It is proudly a firm that provides exceptional service within the context of a completely prejudice-free environment.

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