The Game Changer! Seeded and Strengthened Post 1994...

MMGS Inc is a large law firm with principles and practice intent firmly consistent with our new constitutional democracy. With six full time conveyancers, 12 full time Attorneys, a hand-picked selection of industry expert consultants and a national footprint of offices ….and a 1000sqm new purpose built head office completely dedicated to smart efficiency….. you can see that we are dead serious about reconstituting the law firm practice terrain.

The Firm is profiled as an award- winning, values- based, naturally equity and gender-compliant law firm – measured by its self-worth, not its net worth and is firmly committed to a complete redefinition of the profile of the “large law firm space”.

Fundamental Pillars

Our 3 pillars :

▸Exceptional work – because “excellence has no competitor”;                                         

▸Solid principles, which are not subservient to the relentless (and often ruthless) pursuit of profit;       

▸No systemic prejudice of any form whatsoever.

Specialist services

The offices of Maynard Menon Govender Singh Inc offer a full range of specialist legal services, which includes:

• Expert commercial, residential and development conveyancing (bond panellists on all major bank panels);
• High volume collections and recovery expertise;
• Smart and cost-efficient deceased estates services;
• Sophisticated civil and commercial law, family law, magistrate court, labour court and high court litigation;
• Commercial mediation (CEDR accredited);
As a broad spectrum law firm, Maynard Menon Govender Singh Inc also offers a full range of legal services that includes projects in maritime law, medical law and forensics.

Recognised excellence

“We are described as the ‘poster child’ example of a solidly principled law firm that has been carefully developed over two decades to become a truly sophisticated practice, highly respected for its unswerving
commitment to the finest work with the highest personal and professional values,” elaborates directors Maynard Govender and Nerasha Singh.

We Should Be Attending To Your Work

Here's Why....

  • 100% Black Owned broad spectrum law firm with level ! BEE rating  –with expertise across all your areas of work. 80% of the firm are women – across the hierarchy of the practice – a gender compliance stat we are very proud of.
  • R150 million professional indemnity (PI) cover per matter.
  • National presence
  • Flawless integrity track record
  • Fixated with excellence – award winning law firm !
  • Strong litigation and Collections Dept with excellent relationships with the Courts, Sheriffs etc. to enhance our efficiencies.
  • Commercial mediation dept – to ensure that any issue is resolved amicably and settled if possible
  • We have a completely client – friendly footprint Nationally with offices in Durban, Pinetown, Umhlanga, Pietermaritzburg, Sandton and Westville….and an office in Cape Town in the wings.