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  • Appointed to All major bank panels
  • Voted ABSA’s top property law firm for KZN for 2013
  • Exceptional property transfers expertise
  • Specialist Commercial Conveyancing expertise
  • Specialist Notarial expertise
  • Leading edge software & hardware IT
  • Personal warm manner and short line between the client and the Conveyancing Director
  • Convenient office location / footprint in KZN and National
  • Efficient user – friendly reporting process
  • Client convenience orientated process
  • Considerable experience with Housing Projects

We have a specialist interest in commercial property law. With top shelf personnel supported by ‘cutting edge ‘ technical resources and solid practice management we believe that we have produced a practice that has evolved to meet – and regularly exceed – the exacting standards of a select client base within an equity compliant environment. We are really serious about our commitment to excellence…as an example in point we received one of our major banks’ most prestigious – and sought after – awards for 2012! We were voted one of their top 3 property law attorneys … to do so we achieved an annual performance score in the 98 per centile.

The SA Home Loans Panel is an example in point of a sophisticated panel on which we enjoy pride of place with only approx.24 law firms in the country. We were the first firm of colour to be appointed to their panel. Their efficiencies are clinically document driven… achieving a 100% score is considered to be very difficult. Well… in the last 28 monthly assessment scores we have achieved 100%… 28 times! Excellence is our commitment but perfection is really our goal.

It is common place for this office to be trusted to attend to instructions of substantial quantitative value. Recently, for instance, we finalized a (R40 million) commercial bond instruction to the complete satisfaction of client – a bank… The senior manager of said client incidentally entrusted this office thereafter with his personal commercial bond instruction as an emphatic endorsement of our process. Commercial instructions are sophisticated with serious consequences… and demand sophisticated experience and expertise.

  • Our sophisticated team is directly managed by our senior conveyancer and director
  • Our method… fast and efficient with a warm and engaging manner.
  • We Use of the best computer software and hardware available.
  • Our reporting to you … timeous and instantly available
  • Client has direct access to the personal email and cell number of the directors of the practice.
  • Client convenience orientated process… we take docs to client and work around the demands and work schedule of a typical commercial bond applicant..
  • timeous sms or email progress updates to all the role players in the transaction – nothing like a bit a timely information to avoid unnecessary anxiety.
  • Our Pmb agents are Austen Smith – our lodging instructions are personally overseen by a senior attorney who matches our personal ‘hands on’ approach.
  • Speedy delivery of physical documents to the Deeds office in Pmb.. docex, courier or personal delivery


  • This office has developed specialist expertise in this area of law that combines both estates and conveyancing expertise.
  • Our process understands that the conveyancing institution to transfer the fixed property flows from and must fit seamlessly into the winding – up process.
  • Our team of conveyancing PA’s are therefore given specific training on the winding – up process in order to ensure that both processes function cohesively.
  • Our estates team is overseen by a senior attorney with specialist interests in both estates and conveyancing.
  • We are one of the very few firms that enjoys placement on the specialist estate conveyancing panels for 3 out of 4 of the major banks.
  • We have a seamless process which allows us to draft documents efficiently and accurately.
  • Coupled with this we have management processes in place to monitor important milestones with the financial institutions – eg. Lodgement after advertising the L & D Account, applying for rates assessments, etc.
  • We constantly strive to provide regular feedback and updates through our reporting process to ensure a productive working relationship between our offices and the client.

We are profiled as a (naturally) equity compliant law firm ( AAA 1 BEE rating) with a flawless reputation for our integrity and professionalism with a fixation with excellence… –  Madiba’s message is permeated with the obligation to be excellent.

It is the sharpest way to shift mind-sets and to transform societies…

We have had notable success and high performance results for client in the recent past. Our resounding – perhaps even unprecedented – success with the complex High Court Litigation matter in 2014 (see comment attached from Snr. Counsel L Broster)… you will note that we secured judgement on every aspect of our PRAYER  with costs in the High Court, Supreme Court of Appeal and….. even the Constitutional Court…!

I first encountered Maynard Menon Govender Incorporated when, in December 2011 they briefed me in a High Court trial.  The matter was one of some considerable complexity involving a series of novel defences arising from the bank’s standard form documents.

In order to prepare for the trial the attorneys involved were required to manage the discovery process and, in general, to bring order into enormous number of documents which inevitably come before the court in a trial of this nature. 

The matter was completed in September 2013 and over the period in which the case was prepared I got to know both Mr Govender and Mr Pillay very well.

From my point of view, I was briefed timeously and each brief contained the documents necessary to deal with the questions raised as the preparation progressed.  Discovery was completed by April 2012 and a Rule 37 conference was held in May 2013 more than four months before the trial commenced.  Bundles of documents were prepared by Mr Pillay well in advance of the trial and the bundles were properly paginated.  Witnesses were interviewed more than a month before the trial commenced and by two weeks before the trial the preparation was entirely complete.  From my perspective this is indeed a rare event in my practise.

The trial proceeded for five days and throughout the trial I received enormous assistance from Mr Govender and Mr Pillay, they were involved in every tactical decision made in the conduct of the matter and their advice was both sensible and helpful.

The fact that the Bank succeeded in the matter was largely due to their prodigious efforts.






  • We have a broad range of expertise in the area of Commercial Law – business law contracts is a particular area of our expertise. …….With access to the sophisticated LexisNexis software.
  • In our many years of practice we have attended to and provided advice on a variety of sophisticated commercial / business law contracts. One of our Directors is also a Commerce graduate with and Economics major – academic qualification in the area of Commerce is no doubt invaluable in understanding the commercial subject matter of commercial agreements.
  • Our expertise is capable of being swelled – at a moment’s notice – with the rich array of consultants and other expertise we are able to incorporate into a project as the need arises. The example of Advocate Guy Thomas is an example in point. He is a highly regarded ex-senior Magistrate now in practice at the side – bar. His broad range of contract litigation experience has again proved to be extremely valuable in providing advice and/or construction of a commercial contract.
  • One of our primary practice principles is to focus on nurturing a long – term relationship rather than running up bills. When we were appointed to the Ithala Panel many years ago our first response was to thoroughly investigate systemic problems in their contractual agreements that was generating a huge amount of adverse litigation. We reconstructed their contracts to close the gaps and earn as you would imagine serious brownie points with the client as none of their law firms we understand had taken this attitude at any prior stage.
  • We recently attended to a billion rand contract for a huge corporate. This required direct collaboration with sophisticated corporate lawyers in the United States – we enjoyed an exceptionally respected relationship and concluded the contract to the exceptional satisfaction of client.


  • This is a specialist area of interest of our practice. You will note that our Maynard Govender is a currently serving Level A part time labour commissioner of the CCMA and several Bargaining Councils.
  • Over the course of many years we have comprehensive expertise with disciplinary enquiries, conciliations, and arbitrations – we will efficiently either settle or litigate to your considered advantage.
  • Our vast experience leaves us eminently positioned to provide advice and opinions informed by the wealth of our practical expertise. These opinions – always driven by our objective to nurture a relationship (rather than to simply optimize profit) – will no doubt prove valuable in determining the prospective merits of disciplinary or other action.
  • We believe that we can be extremely valuable to client in optimising the integrity of your labour environment. Of practical use too is the very good rapport with which we are able to engage senior practitioners in the labour trade, unions etc.
  • We also firmly believe that our expertise in this area provides a wonderful opportunity for empowering your personnel in the HR and other related departments to seriously upgrade their relative skill base as ‘labour practitioners.’
  • We have many years of experience in this sophisticated and sensitive area of law practice.
  • We use the leading edge LEGALEASE software to generate exceptionally efficient process.
  • Our estates department is managed by an experienced attorney and his staff… and is overseen by a senior estates attorney.
  • Seamless property transfer process.
  • Efficient and honest practice is especially important in this area of law practice… the last thing that grieving family wants is to be encumbered by shoddy administration or questionable fees.
  • We enjoy a good and respected relationship with the Master’s Offices in both PMB and Durban… you will note that our Durban office is literally “next door” to the Master’s office.
  • Reporting – available instantly… nothing like a timely update to allay undue anxiety

Your law firm has to pursue a process that is not only firm and fair but it also has to protect your client base at every opportunity.

We believe with respect that we are able to keep this balance given our inclination to pursue litigation efficiencies without losing sight of the broader picture…. Litigation merits, client relationship, mediation options, etc. We will of course in any case be directed by your specific instructions each step of the way.

  • We have historically a considerable amount of expertise in this area and have recently enhanced our litigation / foreclosure team with the expertise of a senior litigation attorney who keeps a mirco – managerial interest in optimizing our efficiencies.
  • We are able to produce very efficient turnaround times helped no doubt by the warm relationship that we enjoy with the Courts, Sheriff’s offices … note that we have a significant office footprint in KZN
  • Our process is constantly informed by updated relevant legislation and case authority.
  • Noting the state of the property market and our NCA obligations our method is to be firm but fair and to avoid operating with a clinical hand.
  • We enjoy a strong and very respected relationship with the various sheriff’s offices… critical to ensuring that your interests are properly protected.

We believe very strongly that debt collection belongs in the purview of an attorney’s practice for a whole host of reasons but specifically because it will allow you the best seamless transmission into the litigation process…. You effectively have the services of a professional law firm at the cost of an ordinary debt collection agency…

We clearly understand:

  • Our role as interventionists service providers – simply put the debtor is primarily your client and not ours;
  • The complexities associated with high volume/value collections;
  • The critical need for a highly ethical approach – Debt Collection has earned an unfortunate reputation in this regard;
  • The critical need for smart efficient reporting – we have leading edge software that will do so;
  • We recently installed a hyper – efficient leading edge IT System that is specifically designed to optimize efficiencies at every step of the process… AND independently escalates any prospective inefficiency to a dedicated manager.
  • We have process to ensure that we regularly update ourselves changing law/regulations that are relevant to the complex debt collection environment.

New & Exciting relief to Legal Services Managers at last !!.

  • Commercial mediation is the international litigation “buzz word” and is now virtually prescribed by large corporates and judges worldwide. Its primary attraction is that it provides a fast sophisticated alternative to expensive litigated solutions in the legal environment.
  • Commercial mediation typically lasts only 3 days, is often successful and costs a fraction of the ordinary litigation process and does not in any way compromise the litigation process if not successful.
  • UK based CEDR is generally considered to be the benchmark commercial mediation organization worldwide – our Mr Govender is one of only a small handful of internationally accredited Practitioners based in South Africa. We are certain that commercial mediation will offer client an extremely valuable alternative to slow and expensive court litigation. It will also produce conclusive solutions that are consistent with clients’ general mission statement.
  • Commercial mediation fees vary depending on the complexity of the dispute – we gladly commit to determining a mutually agreed fee structure and have no doubt that you will soon make commercially mediation a mandatory step in your commercial ( and other) dispute processes.

MMGSLAW Forensic Services Department {FSD}, is a established department, having operated for the past 3 years. The main objective of our FSD, is aimed at providing an ethical, highly experienced, professional consulting and investigation service to the corporate, legal and governmental sectors – it is our view and only a holistic approach leads to tangible and measurable success…our team provides a synergy of the skills of forensic investigation and smart legal support combined with the skills of specialist accountants and IT programmers. .

The FSD is made led by professionals with a combined experience in Law and Forensics of over 75 years. With our combined experience, skill and specialist study in the fields of criminal, civil and labour law, commercial crime investigation and fraud risk management, we have served numerous high-profile clients, ranging from medical practices to the SA Reserve Bank, in the aforementioned fields.

FSD is therefore a “one-stop” for clients who wish to engage with one entity, when faced with any form of litigious action, or have been the victim of a possible crime, or misconduct in the workplace. We believe that the outsourcing of the functions set out hereunder, to highly skilled professionals (who are in short supply), can add considerable value to your organisation, allowing you to focus on your core business and functions.

Our areas of expertise are as follows;

  1. Fraud Prevention and Fraud Risk Management.
  1. First Phase Investigation (Internal Disciplinary Enquiry Stage).
  2. Forensic Investigation and Forensic Project Management.
  3. Corporate large debt recovery/ alternate dispute resolution {“ADR”}.
  4. Specialist Training for in-house investigators, auditors and legal personnel.
  • The very powerful ABRIPSA (Association of Black Business Rescue and Insolvency Practitioners) manages the empowerment space nationally, you will note the one of our Directors (Maynard Govender) is the current Regional chairman of ABRIPSA.
  • Sophisticated expertise in this area is of course critical to managing client’s interests.
  • The department handles all aspects of liquidation, insolvency and restructuring matters.
  • Speed is of the essence in insolvency, but it is equally important to ensure the integrity of the processes followed in order to achieve the optimal balance, we place emphasis on extracting the maximum benefit for creditors during the process.
  • We recently appointed Trishka Pillay an “expert” liquidations and Insolvency PA with over 20 years of solid and sophisticated expertise.
  • We have no doubt that she will play a pivotal role in dealing with the modus operandi of recalcitrant debtors in order to optimize the interests of your bank.







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  • Durban is about the largest port in the African Seaboard but cannot show – we believe a single sophisticated black – owned firm with specialist interests in Maritime Law.
  • We are proud to be the only attorney component of MABEF, a very powerful national empowerment organisation comprising approximately 50 sophisticated black professionals that is in the process of drafting contributions to the “Green Paper” on Maritime Law.
  • We attended the Maritime Conference in Shelly Point and were part of the team that was tasked with buttoning down the KZN Maritime strategy.
  • We are currently in collaboration with approximately 40 powerful and significant Maritime role players as part of a team that will provide a sophisticated “large firm” response to the challenges within the Maritime Law space.
  • Our internal team will be supported by specifically identified specialist counsel and senior counsel.